SSCI is accepting nominations for the  Benchmark Committee, Technical and General Working Groups.  To be eligible for any working group, the individual must possess knowledge and expertise in the area for which they are being nominated. Candidates are encouraged to nominate themselves or their business colleagues by submitting their names below. A balance of qualified retailers, ingredient manufacturers and producers, and finished product manufacturers will ensure a balance perspective while preserving the goals of SSCI. 


Benchmark Committee

Purpose is to ensure an application scheme's supplement safety system, standards and supporting procedures are objectively compared to the requirements laid down in the SSCI Guidance document in accordance with the procedures as defined in the SSCI Guidance Document. The Benchmark Committee will submit recommendations to the SSCI for recognition or non-recognition of a scheme by SSCI. Requirements include:

  • Degree in a food or nutrition related or bioscience discipline
  • Detailed knowledge of SSCI Guidance Document once draft guidance becomes finalized
  • Detailed knowledge of supplement safety management systems, applicable procedures or other management systems and documents used as audit criteria
  • Detailed knowledge of audit principles, procedures and techniques in relation to supplement safety & compliance auditing
  • Knowledge of accreditation and certification processes and procedures
  • Knowledge of applicable legislative and regulatory requirements


Technical Working Groups

Technical experts from retailers, manufactures, food service operators, service providers, standard owners, certification bodies, accreditation bodies, industry associations. 

Current Technical Working Groups Being Formed:

  • SSCI Guidance Document Maintenance
  • Auditor Competence
  • Raw Material Cultivation/Production (Authenticity & Traceability)
  • Strategic Project (Regulatory Affairs)
  • More To Be Added


General Working Groups

Current General Working Groups Being Formed (Charter):

  • Communications/Media 
  • Implementation of SSCI Priorities/Goals (education, outreach, etc...)
  • Ensuring that the set requirements and standards are being met at a local level
  • More To Be Added

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