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From harvest to retailer shelf

The supplement Safety & Compliance Initiative (SSCI) is an industry-driven initiative led by retailers to provide a harmonized benchmark to recognize various safety standards throughout the entire dietary supplement supply chain.  SSCI is a bold step forward in providing quality assurance from harvest to retailer shelf.  Dietary supplements must meet or exceed the SSCI benchmark to be accepted in major retailers, all with the goal of providing quality products and increasing consumer confidence.

SSCI Vision: Safe and authentic dietary supplements for consumers everywhere.

“This pioneering initiative sends a clear message to millions of consumers that they can have confidence in the safety and authenticity of the dietary supplements and natural products they use each and every day,”  
Dr. Daniel Fabricant
NPA CEO & Executive Director

Real Transparency

Modeled after the global food safety initiative, which has been successful for more than a decade, SSCI brings some of the largest retailers together for this retailer-lead initiative. Retailers, raw-material manufacturers and suppliers, dietary-supplement manufacturers and other stakeholders working together to share best practices and ensure that requirements and standards are met from harvest to retailer shelf. The goal of SSCI is to ensure global harmonization through standard benchmarking, a critical piece in the Initiative. Together, these groups make SSCI the first benchmarking organization with real transparency—the first of its kind in the industry.

Customers can have the utmost confidence that they are purchasing the best products available when they purchase from retailers that only allow products produced by SSCI Certified manufacturers.



Farmer Application & Beyond:                          Transforming the Supplements Industry Supply Chain

Farmer Application is the Farmer Module of SAAS based E2E Supply Chain transparency solution, that has been custom built for the Dietary Supplements Industry leveraging a proprietary Blockchain framework. Farmer Application will provide an end-to-end solution functionality by providing:

  • Comprehensive Supply Chain Transparency
  • Botanical Ingredient ID & Product Quality Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Management

For more information: Farmer Application Presentation